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Ebook One White Face by Hilary Corna

Suitcase? Check. One way ticket to Singapore? Check!Job? Nope. Fresh out of college, Hilary Corna knew exactly what she was supposed to do with her business degree: find a decent job, move to a big city, and settle down with the man she loved.

But Hilary was not a typical twenty-two-year-old. Against everyone’s advice, including her single mom, she left the first love of her life and purchased a one-way ticket to Singapore in hopes of starting a career in Asia. Hilary left home with just one suitcase, a love for Asian culture, and the determination to succeed.What could have ended in failure turned into the greatest adventure of her life when she secured a position working with Toyota Motor Asia Pacific. As the only Caucasian in the Singapore office, one Toyota boss singled her out as the ‘one white face,’ setting the tone for the experience she would undergo. Along with her first job came new dares: thrills of traveling to exotic destinations, the pain of living twelve time zones away from community, family, and friends back home, and the birth of new friendships across cultures. Over the next three years, Hilary implemented the famous Toyota philosophy of Kaizen, a Japanese business management style of continuous improvement, to dealerships she managed across fourteen Asian countries. She blossomed under the guidance and eastern philosophies of Japanese big bosses, who developed from mentors and friends into father figures that Hilary had never had before.Hilary invites you along on her journey of becoming a global citizen-a journey where she discovers the beauty of different cultures as a way to explore her own identity not as ‘one white face,’ but as a global citizen. To help along your journey, Hilary includes an online self-reflection guide and access to the #DareYourself community. If you are being held back by your job, relationships, or even your parents’ opinions, you will be inspired with boldness and dared with courage to cultivate your own self-discovery, global life experiences, and continuous self-improvement.


Book details

Author: Hilary Corna
Title: One White Face How a Remarkable Leap of Faith Launched a Daring Journey in Self-Discovery
Print Length: 421 pages
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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